Sarah Urwin counsellor and therapist
"The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself."
Michel De Montaigne


Modern society has its share of social ailments; loneliness, disconnection, fear and longing are just a few of the problems we struggle with.   Statistics indicate that many of us will experience symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health problems during our lifetime.

Counselling can help when life gets tough – offering an emotionally safe space, empathic listening, insight into family and personal relationship difficulties, and support to find a more helpful way of thinking, feeling and behaving.   Face to face counselling is the most popular form of therapy and is usually based on building a strong therapeutic relationship which offers support through times of difficulty or crisis.

Over the years I have also found that for some clients telephone counselling can be both helpful and effective, whilst for others on-line counselling offers a comfortable and less intense approach

Two people outside walking and talking Walk and Talk

Some people may find face to face counselling rather overwhelming so in addition to more traditional counselling approaches I also offer a healing blend of talk therapy and inspiring natural environments .....more

A black horse and a black and white horse galloping together in a large open field Equine Assisted Therapy

For many people being with horses is a very powerful experience and offers a chance to find a new way of connecting and engaging with oneself, other people and life......  
Given a safe, quiet environment horses can teach us much about self-awareness and relationships

A pencil sketch of a dog's head Animal Assisted Therapy

The special bond which can develop between humans and animals is potentially healing, particularly when we are feeling vulnerable.   The human-animal bond offers a ‘bridge’, a way to get in touch with suppressed feelings and emotions.   This bond can also be a great comfort when life is painful and confusing.....more

Supervision and Mentoring

I specialise in Supervision and Mentoring for a range of professionals working with clients using either Equine or Animal Assisted Interventions.....more

Workshops and Training

I am pleased to offer workshops and specifically designed training sessions on Animal and Equine Assisted Therapy. These can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals or multi-disciplinary groups or teams and held on your premises with your own animals or at my practice in Devon.....more

A hand reaching out to touch a purple thistle flower. Autistic Spectrum Condition

My experiences over the last decade have shown me that some of the approaches I use are particularly helpful for excluded or minority groups who may feel anxious or hyper-sensitive in crowded environments. Being with animals or wildlife in a quiet, natural landscape has the power to calm, sooth and relax.....more